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1923 Gibson "Lloyd Loar" F5 Mandolin #72207
1923 Gibson "Lloyd Loar" F5 Mandolin #72207
American, now living in The Netherlands.
Professional musician since 1979.
Have toured internationally since 1980. I have performed in USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Iceland, London, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, East Germany (private show in a hidden basement), Austria, Czechoslavakia [Czech Republic], Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, on a KLM international flight to calm passengers during a storm, and lots of other 'unique' and weird situations.

Primary instruments are guitar & mandolin. I play many styles of acoustic music...some electric. Have recorded documentary soundtracks for radio, television and film in the USA. Also many recording sessions for singers/writers and various bands. Have been a member of several music related executive boards (Bill Monroe Foundation, major music festival boards/committees, etc). I have produced and co-produced major music festivals and hosted a four-hour bluegrass music radio show for 17 years. Other stuff, too..but I will stop now...this is starting to look like a resume!

Currently living in Alphen aan den Rijn.
Performing with "Murphey's Law" (akoestische-unplugged rock band) []