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Murphey's Law at Heineken Muziek Hall 10th Anniversary Celebration, A'dam
Murphey's Law at Heineken Muziek Hall 10th Anniversary Celebration, A'dam
American, now living in The Netherlands.
Professional musician since 1979.
Have toured internationally since 1980. I have performed in USA, Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Bermuda, Bahamas, Jamaica, Iceland, London, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, East Germany (private show in a hidden basement), Austria, Czechoslavakia [Czech Republic], Switzerland, Italy, France, Luxembourg, on a KLM international flight to calm passengers during a storm, and lots of other 'unique' and weird situations.

Primary instruments are guitar & mandolin. I play many styles of acoustic music...some electric. Have recorded documentary soundtracks for radio, television and film in the USA. Also many recording sessions for singers/writers and various bands. Have been a member of several music related executive boards (Bill Monroe Foundation, major music festival boards/committees, etc). I have produced and co-produced major music festivals and hosted a four-hour bluegrass music radio show for 17 years. Other stuff, too..but I will stop now...this is starting to look like a resume!

Currently living in Alphen aan den Rijn.
Performing with "Murphey's Law" (akoestische-unplugged rock band) []